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MediaRich: Using Blockchain to Make the Cloud More Efficient

At the 2018 CoinAgenda Global conference in Las Vegas, Bitsonline sat down with MediaRich CEO Sean Barger. While speaking with Bitsonline, Barger explained how his company uses the blockchain to make cloud-based services more efficient and cheaper than existing alternatives.

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MediaRich: Bringing Blockchain to the Cloud

The MediaRich platform pays people to contribute their idle processing power to a computing network that customers can use to perform a multitude of tasks they would normally conduct on a centralized service like AWS.

MediaRich customers pay to use this network with a platform-specific utility token called “Dyncoin.” What’s more, these customers can pay as they go, rather than making predetermined monthly payments.

Barger told Bitsonline this model of decentralized cloud services with a pay-as-you-go structure makes MediaRich more resource-efficient on the supply-side and more affordable for customers.

To learn more about the platform, be sure to watch our interview with Barger in full. Those interested can also visit the official MediaRich website for more information on the platform itself, as well as the upcoming Dyncoin ICO.  

 About CoinAgenda

CoinAgenda is a conference series with events all around the world. CoinAgenda Global, their flagship event held every year in Las Vegas, showcases the top blockchain and crypto startups looking to raise funds through ICOs.

The Vegas event has been around since 2014, hosting startups that have become some of the largest companies in the blockchain industry.

Each year at the Vegas event, CoinAgenda hosts an ICO pitch contest, where startups can compete for the title of most promising token sale. The winner gets free tickets and a free booth at following CoinAgenda events, in addition to bragging rights.

This year, blockchain-based influencer marketing platform Buttrfly won the contest, with two other startups named as runners up.

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